Telecommunications companies are constantly evolving and seeking new markets. As new enabling technologies are developed and regulations continue to change, telecommunication players need innovative business models to fully exploit market opportunities and fend off competitors. As a result, our work supporting telecommunication clients is increasingly diverse.

We have a thorough knowledge of telecommunications law and we control the challenges of the active players in this field.

We are, therefore, able to advise our clients to any matter relating to licensing or other forms related to the exercise of telecommunications activity, tariff regulation, interconnection, collocation agreements, etc.

We assist our clients in transactions occurring in the field of telecommunications such as mergers and acquisitions, franchise awards, the organization of distribution channels. Our teams had the opportunity to actively participate in major transactions involving telecommunications operators (privatization, acquisitions, IPO).

We also advise our clients on e-commerce and transfer of personal data.

We control procedures applicable to the National Telecommunications Authority, the regulatory authority for telecommunications, in charge of litigation related to management and operation of networks, especially with respect to disputes relating to interconnection, unbundling of the local loop, physical collocation and shared use of infrastructure and telecommunications services.


Ahmed Kallel