The Litigation & Arbitration team intervenes before courts and other regulatory authorities (competition authority, national authority for telecommunications, financial market authority, specialized post-revolution commissions, etc.).
Whenever necessary multidisciplinary teams are formed so as to provide a high value-added expertise.

The Litigation & Arbitration team has good skills in corporate litigation (corporate action, directors’ liability, unfair dismissals, conflicts of interest, abuse of majority or minority, breach of representations and warranties, etc.).

The Litigation & Arbitration team is particularly involved in litigation for general and special liability regimes: contract liability (revocation proceedings, failure of negotiations and promises, warranty claims) and tort, medical malpractice, state responsibility in the ordinary courts (assault, malfunctions in the public service of justice, etc.).

The banking and financial litigation overlaps the management of any dispute relating to the validity and implementation of banking and finance transactions, as well as civil, criminal and disciplinary liability of the banks and financial companies and of their directors.

Our Litigation & Arbitration team assists in disputes related to termination of banking relationships, abusive credit grant, commercial instruments and insolvency as well as in litigation regarding financial market and stock exchange: liability of independent administrative authorities of market and regulatory and disciplinary cases.

The firm is very active in the disputes arising during the execution of distribution agreements, as well as when they terminate.

Similarly, the firm assists on litigation of antitrust practices (cartels and abuse of dominant position), representation before the competition authorities, restrictive practices, unfair competition (improper enticement, disparaging, parasitism, unfair and deceptive commercial practices).

The firm assists also in intellectual property litigation (counterfeit, forgery, imitation, etc.).

Our firm assists in tax controls or litigation, whether within the adversarial phase (proposed restructuring, etc.) or the stage of litigation (claims and proceedings before the administrative and judicial courts).

Litigation relating to international trade and transport contacts (seizure of ships, carrier liability, transport insurance, etc.), to customs as well as to logistics and port activities.


  Mohamed Kammoun