Kammoun & Kallel participated to the first National Day of Real Estate Development ” JNPI 2015″

Kammoun & Kallel participated to the first National Day of real estate development “JNPI 2015”, at Hotel “Palace Gammarth ” in Tunis.

The JNPI 2015 was organized under the hospices of the President of the Government and inaugurated by the Minister of the equipment.

This event, organized by the National Chamber of Property Developers (CSNPI – UTICA), aims to highlight the innovations of the sector, its environment as well as the regulatory, tax and financial framework under which in which it operates. This event aims to meet the needs of real estate professionals: developers, builders, bankers and insurers, etc.

Making accessibility to housing easier to Tunisian citizen is the concern of all operators in this area.

The “JNPI 2015” brought together in a single place, all players in real estate development to discuss the situation of the sector and its indicators up to 2030.

The conferences dealt with the economic and social issues :

– Analysis of the latest statistics from the real estate market.
– New approach to partnership in the sector to improve efficiency.
– Communication strategy to enhance the image and sit the profession’s reputation.

Several workshops were also organized throughout the day. They were led by leading experts and specialists, particularly regarding :

– Urban planning and review of management plans.
– The organization of the profession for better efficiency.
– The consortium creation and development of real estate development.
– The taxation of real estate development sector.
– Financing real estate and innovation perspectives.

On the occasion of the JNPI 2015, several partnership and cooperation agreements were signed with the structures and stakeholder organizations in the sector, including: STEG, SONEDE, ONAS, CPF, TT and ANME.

A promotional program has been planned for a major advertising:
– Press conferences for sponsors, journalists and leading players in the real estate sector.
– Preliminary mini- debates on new trends in the property market.
– Advertising purposes performed on selected communication media.

To this end, Me Ahmed Kallel hosted a conference on Analysis of Some Legal Aspects concerning property development in Tunisia. This conference focused on the following three components:

I – The various possible forms of partnerships and their mechanisms.
II – The participation of donors and strategic partners.
III – The constraints on investments out of Tunisia.